Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pooch Tales - A Story Pt.2

The story continues... (if you missed Part 1, you can read it HERE)
Caroline: "Hmmm....Chester, what do you think we could do to de-throne her?" Chester: "Have fun thinking - I just need my nap."

Caroline: "I always think better with my tongue out. Actually, I do everything better with my tongue out - I am a licking machine! - Ok, sorry. Focusing: Let's see...options? We could...bite her tail, bark in her ear real loud, chase her out of the room, ask politely..."

"Hey wait! Chester wake up! I've got it! What we do is wait until she is back to sleep - I'll go sneak over and make sure she is and give you the signal. When I do, you'll come attack me and we'll have a grand old romp - right next to the beds! That ought to annoy her enough to leave...and the napping cushions will be ours!"

Sneaking...sneaking... "Ok, Chester....NOW!"

To be continued...