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I love the word gracious. It just exudes feelings of comfortable southern charm. It makes me think of a kind and easy host. Of people you meet that you feel like you've known forever. Of days gone by. It's how I want to live my life. Here is a definition by Merriam-Webster:

Gracious: pleasing, acceptable
a : marked by kindness and courtesy <a gracious host> b : graceful c : marked by tact and delicacy  d : characterized by charm, good taste, generosity of spirit, and the tasteful leisure of wealth and good breeding <gracious living>
merciful, compassionate

Don't you just love that? Let's look a little closer at this definition: I want to be known as a kind person, and it saddens my heart to see how much courtesy has died as this generation has grown up. Courtesy is something I want to be very conscious of in my everyday comings and goings. It only takes one to start a revival, right? -- Although not graceful physically (just ask my husband how many times a day I stub my toe or walk into walls), I truly desire to be a woman with a graceful demeanor. One who can learn to glide over bumps in the road, and handle with ease the curve balls life throws my way. Still have a looonnngggg way to go on that score though. Hmmm...tact and delicacy. I suppose that is another way of saying that you strive to consider those around you in your words, actions, and behavior. Would what you do/say make someone else feel uncomfortable? Being mindful of those that surround you, and placing their level of ease over your own desires is indeed gracious. The ladies of the south are known for their charm, and I'm trying hard to grow into my transplanted southern roots in that regard :-). I desire to be daily refining my taste to reflect my personality and also long-lasting good quality. When I'm out shopping, I try to remember to ask myself if I truly LOVE something before I purchase it - or if I'm just considering it because it's on sale? Life's too short to not surround yourself with things that you love ladies...even if it means waiting awhile to save up money and doing without in the meantime. - Perhaps merciful and compassionate are the most deep and lasting of these definitions. A gracious woman never refuses to forgive, reach out to, teach, mentor, care, help, and love those who Divinely cross her path when it is in her power to do so.

May we all strive to this end together.

Here at Living Graciously, I hope to provide you with ideas, tips, and links for creating and running a gracious home. Recipes to help you cook for yourself and those that live with you wonderful, healthful, delicious meals on a consistent basis. Ideas for entertaining with ease and flair. Style updates and ideas. I'm not really a "trendy" girl, but you'll learn what MY style is anyway! Part of being able to afford the things that you LOVE, is saving money on other necessities, so this blog will include deals, offers, coupons, etc. as they arise. One thing I really enjoy is travel, so there will be travel posts to include tips and destination entries for your vacation planning pleasure! I also hope to provide you with reviews from time to time, and a shopping guide filled with a great selection of artisans and shops who provide some of my very favorite accessories for a gracious home and life.