Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pooch Tales - A Story Pt.1

Hello Ma's Readers! Chester the Bichon here. Ya know, over on my blog I had just started this little story, but never got to finish it before my blog was so unceremoniously shut down (cough,cough) - so for those of you who missed Part 1, here it is. I hope you enjoy it:
Once upon a day, I was just trotting around enjoying my morning routine: wake up, walk, breakfast, bath, play time with Carol, Bichon Blitz, and then it was time for my after-blitz sun soak. So off to Ma's bedroom I head, when what do I behold!? Her Majesty, the Queen, asleep on my favorite napping cushion. Grrr...I've told her about that. She knows I get dibs in the mornings, but there she was - big as life nonetheless.

The nerve of THAT CAT!
Maybe I'll try tattling to get her in trouble:
"Ma! Auti's in my bed again! Make her get out!"
Then here comes snoopy:
Caroline: "Oh look! A cat! Don't worry Chester, I'll get her out for ya!"

Carol: "Um...on second thought...I think we need to work on a de-catting plan together..."

To be continued...