Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going Beyond...

Today I was just sittin' around thinkin' - well, that's probably not entirely true I don't usually just sit around and think (sadly) - I was probably folding laundry or something - and anyway, what popped into my mind was this: although it my job, pleasure, and delight to keep home for my husband, is it also my job, pleasure, and delight to keep myself for my husband? The answer to this is, as much as I hate to admit it, often "no".

The day is full to the brim, I'm too tired when I get home, I have a deadline to meet, everything else is screaming for attention - are all excuses I'll make. - I've realized that I don't put "me" on my to-do list. I'll sometimes put "me time" on my schedule if I'm feeling particularly stressed, but that usually consists of a nap, or reading a magazine or something of the sort. - Of course, a low stress level is helpful in creating a pleasant wife, but I'm talking about a conscious effort to make ourselves attractive to our husbands.

Goodness knows they are bombarded with the world's perception of beauty all day long: on billboards, commercials, in their office environment, wherever they turn, they see well groomed women.
Then they come home. 
For those of us who work from home, or are stay at home moms, this presents an couple of options to us:

1. Stay in your pjs, sweats, or "house clothes" (you know the stretched out, holey, stained cast offs from your good wardrobe). Don't bother with make-up or anything, brush your teeth before bed.

That's a pretty picture for your man to arrive home to, eh? -OR-

2. Before he arrives home from work: change into some nicer clothes, fix your hair, put on some makeup and perfume, brush your teeth, and voila! You are fresh and beautiful as a flower to greet him at the door!

Which one would you want waiting for you after a long day? I know just thinking about this, I've been inspired to knock my guys socks off when he walks through the door. - Men are such visual creatures...why does the world cater to that side of them more than their own wives?

One last note on maintaining yourself in an attractive way: As a wife, I've found it much more effective to shower at night rather than in the morning. That way you head to bed fresh, clean, shaven, and hopefully in something other than an old tee shirt. Show your guy you care.  Make yourself the best you can be. For him! Aren't they worth the extra effort?