Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekly Menu

Awhile back, when I was posting menus on Windy Poplars, some of you seemed to enjoy it. I don't know if it was just the inspiration to go make out your own menus for the week, or if you liked hearing about healthy and vegetarian dishes, but regardless, I thought I'd post them every-now-and-then, and see what response they garner this time around. Girls, if you like something and want to see more of it, let me know, k?! Can't read your mind now... :-)
So here is what we're eating over here at Windy Poplars this week:

Spaghetti and sauce with squash, red pepper, and onion – garlic bread – avocado spinach salad
Breakfast for dinner! Egg white omelet with veggies, lemon muffins, turkey sausage, and a smoothie
Sauteed Lettuce Bowl with rolled meat
Date Night!
Soft Greek sandwiches

Do you make a weekly menu? What are you having for dinner tonight?