Tuesday, April 5, 2011

After the Wedding...

So we have survived! The bride was radiant, the groom so handsome, the evening was beautiful, and the newlyweds are off on their honeymoon. In the meantime, here we all sit with aching backs and hangovers. Seriously people, I am here to declare that it should be common knowledge and a mandatory practice that the family of the bride should plan a “recover moon” right after any family wedding. It's not that it's all of the emotion of the event (although that does hit you in overwhelming waves), and not even really all the manual labor of a DIY wedding (although there is a lot of that involved), but it's the dangerous combination of the two that makes it such an exhausting ride. - I have to say though, that I loved the process! It was truly wonderful being involved through all the planning stages, and great to stand up as my sister's Matron of Honor. The day went swimmingly overall, and the bride and groom were so happy with the result. I was even (you'd be proud of me) able to mostly let go of the details of the day and just enjoyed the ride! That is a feat, a FEAT I tell you, for a firstborn organized, fanatical, perfectionistic, wedding director type like myself. I need a vacation.

I know what you really want though, is to see pictures. I didn't take too many, so I'm hoping the photographer will have a bunch posted on her website soon that I can direct you to. Here are a few to hold you over in the meantime:
At Fresh Market buying flowers the day before. Jonathan pushing the cart. I loved it!

A "before" view of the venue

Centerpieces in progress...

Bow-tie tying lessons after the rehearsal dinner

The bridesmaids at the Tea Tavern the morning of the big day

After brunch, it was off to the day spa!

Some girls got massages, some got their hair done. Here's our room at the spa ^

The worlds most last minute first dance lesson (while we were waiting to be announced!)


Just before their getaway