Monday, April 4, 2011

A Sparkling Microwave

You're melting butter for a recipe, and you hear that telltale pop, your son is reheating pizza from yesterday and from the crackling sounds coming from the general direction of the microwave, you know that there will be tiny little tomato sauce splatters all over the inside when he's done. It's hard to keep a microwave clean! 

But never fear! Let me share my favorite way to get that microwave shining again! Just take a counter wiping rag, wet it, and wring it out. Place the rag in the microwave on high for 35 seconds, and then let it sit for a few minutes before you open the door. The steam created by the now-hot wet rag is helping to loosen the baked on food messes from the walls, ceiling, and door of your unit. When you take the rag out, be careful not to burn yourself! Now use the hot rag to wipe the inside out really shouldn't take much elbow grease or any chemicals at all. As an added bonus, this is also an easy way to sanitize the rag!