Monday, March 14, 2011

Making a Chalkboard

I've been thinking about doing this for years now, but just haven't gotten around to it.- The shower last week  (and video from Rachel), helped get my rear in gear, and give the amazingly wonderful medium that is chalkboard paint a whirl.- I started off with just a plain old picture from the Goodwill - cost me $3. It didn't have glass, and wasn't really canvas - just an old print of some house. I used a gray primer to cover the entire thing first and let it dry really well. I then "sanded" it down with a rough paper towel. Next, I add two coats of the actual chalkboard spray. Allowing them to dry completely for about 24 hours. To cure the new board before its first use, just rub the entire thing carefully with the side of a piece of chalk, erase, and you're ready to go! I added an antique gold finish to the frame with acrylic paint applied with a foam brush, and some vintage crocheted lace to add a little pizazz. We used it at my sister's shower for her photo booth, and now it is gracing our wall here at home! Linking to: Made by You Mondays, Craftastic, Dittle Dattle, Under the Table and Dreaming, Make Something Monday.

I have some leftover chalkboard paint from the project, and I was hoping you guys might have some lovely ideas for me! What have you chalk-i-fied?

Primer of choice...worked like a dream!

All ready to add the chalkboard paint!

Adding some antique gold to the frame. I love foam brushes!
Doesn't the lace add a neat little touch?