Friday, March 11, 2011

A Planting We Will Go...

Although there is still some chill in the air (snow is even forecast here for tomorrow!), it's time to start plotting and planning our summer gardens girls! Do you grow? It's so much fun to have fresh produce right outside your door all season long - even if all you have is a postage stamp garden or a window box. Where there's a will there's a way! - So get online, or look through your seed catalogs, and start ordering now! You can click HERE to find out which zone you are in, and knowing that will help you throughout the growing season with choosing plants that are hardy in your area, knowing when you should plant your first outdoor seeds (both in spring and summer), and also when your first and last frost dates should fall. Here in the Mid-Atlantic where I live, I always remember that right around St. Patty's day is when my first crops go in: snow and sugar snap peas, and spinach.

Yum! I can almost taste them now! 
 Are you planning to grow a garden this year? If so, what will your first crop of the year be?