Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year, A New Room (arrangement)

If you have been following me for any length of time, you'll know that I like change! Well, the kind of change that has to do with decorating and style anyway :-). So, when the Christmas decorations come down, it's a perfect excuse to move some furniture around - in my mind anyway!

Speaking of my mind, I always seem to forget two very crucial things when moving a room around: 1. It WILL take me ALL afternoon (so for heaven's sake, don't try to squeeze it into a couple-hour window Kristin). -and- 2. I will NOT feel like cooking dinner afterward. To the latter, my mom has a good plan: often when she's about to embark on a project that will take her most of the day, she puts dinner in the crockpot before she gets started. Smart, huh? Wish I remembered to do that more often...

Anyway, you just want me to stop talking and show you the pictures, right? Okey dokey - here ya go:  Oh, and btw, you can see the former arrangement of the Master Bedroom by clicking  HERE if you like, and below you will find the new arrangement for the new year:
View from the door
View from the bathroom door
Breakfast caddy
I try to add in some natural elements so the room doesn't get too girly :-)
Added some Christmas lights to the back of my  headboard to give it a nice "glow".
Autumn really wanted to be in the photos, but she's always had an eye closing problem!
Well, thanks for joining me on the tour! Do you like to change your furniture around? It always makes everything feel so fresh and new again...I love it!