Friday, January 14, 2011

Are You A Lady??

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I saw this list on Sweet Southern Prep awhile ago, and thought it was a cute one. It got me thinking... Are you a Southern Lady or a rule breaker :-)?? Nowadays, it seems that there aren't many social rules (spoken or unspoken) for how a lady should act - sad really - but if we are indeed striving to live a gracious lifestyle, it follows that our decorum should have some conscious checks and balances. What do you teach your daughter about what a lady is? Is it because of the whole "equality" movement that the quest to become a true lady is so rare these days? I am still pretty old school when it comes to ladylike behavior:

I believe that a lady should sit with her legs or ankles crossed when in a dress. I don't approve of certain bodily functions - even when in the company of family. I believe that one should look polished and presentable whenever one possibly can (yes, even at home-look for a post about that on the style page sometime soon). I believe a gracious guest brings her hostess a gift of thanks. I believe a gracious hostess thinks more of the comfort of her company than her own agenda. I believe in filling your mind and eyes with things that are edifying and keeping from your entertainment choices those things that are questionable or "blushable". I believe that it is ok for a lady to sit out certain activities and enjoy watching from the sidelines because it calls into question her femininity. -

So call me a prude. But I love being a lady! And (I think) my husband loves being married to a "lady". He's mentioned several times over the years that he's glad that I'm not a tomboy or so equality minded (i.e. "I can do it myself" - even if I can!) that I don't allow him to treat me as his princess. - But girls, that doesn't mean a lady can't get down and have fun! It just means that when we strive to live a ladylike life, there are certain boundaries that we choose to stay within - most especially in social settings. In my humble opinion, the world could use a few more good ladies!
 Rules of a Southern Belle

-Never wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day.
-Thank you notes are a necessary component of being gracious and appreciative.
-Never chew gum or smoke on the street.
-Never show anger in public. Smile and act like a lady.
-Charm, Charm, Charm.
-Be elegant and graceful.

 What would you add to this list of what a lady should be?