Monday, January 10, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Hello Dear Readers (old and new alike)!     Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoy your visit, and will become a regular friend of Living Graciously. There's lots to see here, so have fun poking around!
     Today I'm linking up with Miscellany Monday, and am sharing a couple of my favorite miscellaneous tips for making guests feel relaxed, pampered, and at home when they come to visit:

ONE - First Impressions

If you have hardwood floors, and require guests to take off their shoes, provide fresh clean socks for them to put on during their stay. Most people don't like the feeling of bare feet on bare wood!

TWO - Take the Edge Off

Off what? Well, why not kill the birds of: hunger, thirst, and strained silence all with the one stone of having some appetizers and drinks ready when your guests arrive. They can be super simple: chips and salsa, a plate of veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers, whatever you've got! Pair it with some wine, sparkling juice, mineral water, or a signature punch!

THREE - Have a Well Stocked Restroom
We've all be in those "emergency" situations while at someone else's home: you spill spaghetti sauce on your white pants, you can't get rid of your garlic breath,  you realize (with horror) that you forgot to apply deodorant before you left home...what's a guest to do? I recommend keeping these staples in a small basket  in your guest bathroom:
*Tide to go (or other instant stain remover)
*Small bottle of spay deoderant
*Sample or travel size mouthwash (or a mouthwash dispenser with plastic cups)
*Feminine needs
*Gum or mints

FOUR - Invite Guest to Bring a Part of Themselves to the Party

 If you plan to play games, ask them to bring their favorite one along. If you plan to have sundaes for dessert, ask them to bring their favorite topping. If they've recently been on a trip, ask them to bring their pictures. You'll then be guaranteed to have at least one thing that your guests will enjoy that evening, and you'll learn a little more about them in the process!

Hope you've enjoyed these little tips today. They're all super easy to implement, and will help guests feel even more at ease when they come to visit. It's all in the little touches girls!

If you have some tips to share with us that you use to make your guests feel welcome, please do! 
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