Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I just want to LIVE!

In my dream world, I live in a simpler time. Not an easier time, mind you (I'm not completely naive and idealistic-just a little!), just a simpler time. Everybody got up early, went to work or school, did their part to help keep the household running, then spent evenings together...connecting, resting, having fun. Things that mattered. I don't know about you, but I often seem to find myself doing things that don't matter - at least not in light of eternity. Yes, we are called to be keepers of our home, and make the earthly lives of our families comfortable and peaceful, so I never resent home keeping chores (even when they seem trivial, thankless, or endless), but I mean other things: things that can work me all up into a fuss, and then keep me from sleeping well. Things that distract me from what really matters. Trivial things. Things like: tv programs, a pair of shoes on sale that I just KNOW they're going to sell out of before I get back to the store, fuming over the general lack of consideration (and how it's wounded me) of people in the world, the fact that my jeans are a bit tighter than they were a few days ago, why my cell phone isn't working properly and if it will be covered under warranty, where we're going to go for our annual vacation, how we're ever going to sell our house...the list goes on and on. - I can let these things consume my mind, my thoughts, my day. They can keep me from focusing on what really matters: people; the lives we're put upon this earth to touch, resting-in the surety of His grace and spending time with my great Shepherd, slowing down long enough to really breathe and connect with those with whom we live; instead of living separate lives under the same roof.
     There are so many good things and to do, and wonderful conveniences to enjoy during our brief stint in history: but is our convenience and desire to take advantage of all that is available to us making it difficult for us to really live in the depths of the authentic quality life God designed for us?
*Are we over connected (cell phones, text, e-mail, twitter, facebook) - yet, underconnected (no reason to meet for coffee anymore because we can keep up with a friend's life without any personal contact involved-or even feel the desire to pick up the phone and talk anymore because we can communicate what we need to say with small buttons on a phone)? I encourage you to reconnect personally this week. Set a date to meet for coffee, pick up the phone just to hear a dear voice at the other end, write a letter with your own handwriting...
*Are we doing (involved in 5 different ministries) - yet, not doing well (the ministries become a burden and obligation instead of a delight...you find yourself stretched too thin and not allowing yourself time in your schedule to be replenished and equipped yourself...your family -your greatest ministry- suffers neglect because your time is demanded elsewhere)?
*Are our calenders full (of soccer practice, ballet lessons, YMCA classes, chess club, choir practice, book club, etc.) - yet, not full of what has lasting value (celebrating a friend's birthday, making memories on an autumn picnic, helping a family in need by bringing them a meal, staying connected with those God has brought into your lives and taking the time to show them that they are cherished).

It is often the good that distracts us from the best.

Yes. Life is certainly a strong current of distracting activity, but it is up to us to consciously swim against it, or better yet, to get out of the water! People may not understand you. They may question why you say "no" to so many things. Or why you choose to be at home connecting with those you love, and blessing your friends with hospitality and a genuine interest in their lives, instead of swimming out in the whirlpool of activity. But remember: it is only they that are unconscious of the above truth, that get swept away--- and reach the end of their lives wishing that they had lived.
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