Monday, January 3, 2011

The Gracious Mavens

Hello Dear Readers,
     Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time of celebration whether quiet and simple, or an all out sh-bang. Ours was just perfect! You can read more about it over at Windy Poplars if you like.
     With the advent of a new year, often resolutions for self-betterment come to mind. Here at Living Graciously, the motto is the same year round: to live gracious lives! To help further that end, I'm introducing to you today: the Gracious Maven Club.
A "maven" is simply someone who is a master of a certain art. The art we're striving after here, is becoming gracious women, and living gracious lives. Which, as discussed in the About page, can encompass many areas. - So in order to keep us (me) headed consistently in that direction throughout the coming year, I plan to post a "Gracious Maven Quest" every weekday here at LG. Each quest will be relatively quick and easy to complete. The accomplishment of which will have you taking conscious, baby steps each day towards a gracious lifestyle. Some quests might be designed to bless those around you, others might be acts of blessing for your home to help make it a haven for your family. While still others might be to encourage you to take some respite time just for yourself in order to be recharged to be the best YOU you can be!
      You will find each quest above the post for the day. Right under the tabs. Now here's where it gets fun! Who likes a little incentive/motivation/friendly competition? Each quest will have a points value associated with it. You can keep track of all the points you accumulate from completing the quests, and then report them to me on the last day of each month. Honor system here girls! Each month I will have a little something special that will be sent out to the highest point earner. Sound like fun?!
     Alrighty, then let's go! To sign up to join us in our GM quests, just click on the little blue button on top of the right sidebar. Only those who have added their names to the registry will be eligible to win the prize at the end of the month! You can sign up at any's never too late to join the fun, BUT, you must complete the task on the day it is given in order to earn the points.
     As an aside, "GM" can also stand for "general manager" which is really what we are in our homes! So those two little letters have a dual meaning for us :-). Aside #2, this idea was kindly bestowed by the lovely Rachel Anne over at Home Sanctuary. She has her daily small things club, and since her readers have so much fun over there, I thought why not have some fun over here with you girls?! She's a Peach, so go say hello and tell her I sent ya!
     Shall we embark upon our quest together?