Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello Dears,
      Thanks for stopping by Living Graciously today! A big welcome to all of you who joined our Gracious Maven Club yesterday. I'm so excited to take baby steps together throughout the year towards a gracious home and lifestyle! It's never too late to start, so sign up and join us whenever you want! How many of you have a new clean kitchen drawer?! I do! And here's the proof:
The Before: may not look terrible, but it was full of "stuff": lids to travel mugs we don't have any more, broken plastic ware, gadgets that should go in other drawers, etc.

And now the AFTER: Only lids we need, along with serving utensils, and a few other things that truly didn't have another home. I had a few minutes to spare on my timer, so I even did the drawer next to it!
Feels so good to get little tasks like these done, doesn't it? No big post for today, but there are updates on some of the other pages. I encourage you to poke around here and maybe discover some things you haven't yet seen on LG, AND, because I know you are all Peaches, would you be a dear and tell just one little old friend about this new website? The hardest thing about getting something new off the ground, is simply getting the word out. I need all the help I can get! :-) Thank you all for being friends of Living Graciously, and for all of your wonderful encouragement so far. I'm excited to be on this journey with you!