Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living On The Fence

Ok, I admit it. I've been living in a double-dipping world this week. One foot in Blogger, the other in Wordpress. It's been confusing. It's been challenging. It's been enlightening. It's been a whole lot of time on tech help chat! My bum is about to fall off, my neck is one big huge crick (how do people with computer jobs that have to sit all day do it?). Ugh. BUT, by the end I will be able to shout (hopefully) I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!!!! That's the goal anyway :-)

SO, all that to say - "Hello! I'm still (sorta) here! Thanks for stopping by!" I am hoping beyond hope to have things up and running by Monday, and can't wait to welcome you all to my new digs! Lots of cleaning, and decorating, and the like to do in the meantime :-). I'm sure you understand. -
By the hydrangeas started blooming this week ::squeal::

Today, let's do something fun. Just 'cause: Leave me a comment with what you are MOST looking forward to doing this summer. Can't wait to hear all about them...I'm sure they will help to brighten my brain-weary day! While you're at it: Anybody interested in reviving the old "Kindred Connection" party we had over at Windy Poplars last summer? Participation was pretty good, and it was wonderful getting to know some of you better! Or do you prefer not to participate in weekly parties during your summer blogging?