Monday, May 9, 2011

Do you ever... ?

So, have you ever done (or not done) something, and then thought to yourself, "I bet I'm the only one in the whole wide world who ever does something like that!"? Well, today I'm here to share some of those silly "isms" of mine with you - in hopes that some of you are just as strange, um, special...let's go with "special" as I am :-D ! Who knows, maybe this might even become a regular feature...there is strength in numbers, right?! Here goes...

Do you ever:

*Have dreams where you can fly? I don't mean in an airplane, I mean like a bird...

*Not take the first box/bag/item off the shelf? Usually has to be the second one in line for me. My husband finds this tremendously puzzling (or amusing?) when we go shopping.

*Prefer to eat with a small fork (i.e. a salad fork)?

*Judge an entire home or establishment based on the quality of its toilet paper?

*Get up at 5am to watch a Royal Wedding?

*Like your milk on the rocks?

*Cry over animated films?

*Forget your own age?

Do you? I want to know!