Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Do. Again.

Every married couple has a love story uniquely their own. Ours began 14 years ago, and those 14 years are filled to the brim with sundry memories. Some seasons: wonderful beyond all imagination. Some seasons: too difficult for words. But they have been the best 14 years of our lives. The last few years though, have been some of the hardest we have ever encountered as a married couple in regards to circumstances outside of our little home (and consequent control). Through all of that though, our marriage was our steady place. Our safe harbor from the storm.
Photos by Chelsa Yoder Photography
But then, a terrible hurricane came into our harbor. Hurricanes take different forms with everyone: job loss/financial hardship, dishonesty, infidelity, a life altering accident, broken promises...each one as devastating as the last. It wreaked havoc in our hearts and lives. It left only destruction in its path. We almost thought it took everything we had - everything we had spent years building together - away with it.
But it didn't.
A seed of hope was left behind! God so kindly tended, and healed, and nurtured that little seed until it sprouted and started to grow. Then he planted it firmly in our hearts, and told us that it was safe under his watchful care.
And now, a whole new love story has begun! On April 20th, under the canopy of a beautiful grove of cedars at Berry Hill Plantation, we renewed our vows to each other with all of our bruised but mending hearts. Our resolve is strong. Our harbor is defended. Our hearts are truly being knit together as one - with no extraneous strings attached this time. Nothing stands in the way of a wild and abandoned love. There is something about writing vows to your husband after 14 years're no longer infatuated and naive (as we all are as blissful newlyweds) you know that life (and love) is hard. Yet, you still choose your husband - out of all the millions of people on the earth - to be the one you walk beside through life. The making of a vow is so much more rich and solemn and meaningful now...

Of course when something so miraculous happens in your life, you want to scream from the mountain tops:
*It's worth it! Give all for love.
*The degree of honesty that you commit to within your relationship, will directly relate to the security and trust you enjoy together.
*You may feel like you're losing yourself sometimes in the process of becoming one, but the you that will emerge as a part of a newly united whole, will be far, far greater than the "you" you have ever been on your own.
*People will think you strange (I'm still coming to terms with that), and not understand you, but prioritizing your marriage above ALL ELSE will bring you a richness and fulfillment you never thought possible!

"I am my beloveds and he is mine. His banner over me is love."
"And the two shall become one."