Thursday, April 7, 2011


Some days, when your head, heart, and to-do list seem like this:
You just gotta make some priority decisions in order to stay afloat. So today I chose to:

*Go shopping just for a couple necessities in my town instead of heading into the nearby city to "browse" for fun and flowers.
*Not do my exercise video because I've put it off until too late in the day, and now it's more important to get dinner done in time for my husband to get home. This may not seem like a sacrifice, but I'll feel guilty all night.
*Leave the ironing for tomorrow. It's already been sitting for days...what's another 24 hours?
*Spend time reading some inspiring instructional books instead of some super-fun blogs. Because I need them.
*Work on thank you notes and birthday cards instead of preparing early for next week's stamp club. They're just more important.
*Go spend some time training my dogs instead of staying here on the computer blogging - because for the past two weeks they have been completely neglected, and they're starting to act out because of it.
*Be thankful for the minutes I have today, instead of wasting them wishing I had more.

What are you choosing to do today?