Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunburst Makeover - By: Carmel

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Hello,  I'm back today to talk about one of my favorite things to do and show you a little something I "created".  I love to shop thrift stores, goodwills, and yard sales for old, unwanted and vintage finds.  I think the biggest key to shopping these places is being able to see the potential.  I love searching for a good "diamond in the rough".   I created a sunburst mirror with a recent find, and I use the word "created" rather loosely here because the truth is it was super easy!  There really wasn't much creating involved.  Honestly, all I really did was think outside the box or outside the clock if you will.

I found this baby at a consignment store.  It was hanging on the wall looking a little sad all covered in dust.  A thick, disgusting don't-let-your-kids-touch-it layer of dust!  In the store it actually looked kind of grey.  Well, the mid-century modern look of it really caught my eye.  I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame :)  I rubbed my finger on it to see what it was made of and removed a layer of dust to see the gold underneath.  My heart skipped a beat.  Then I looked over at the price tag; it was marked $18!  My heart was racing.  I could see that this clock was clearly not functional, but I didn't care one bit because I had no intention of using it as a clock anyway.  I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on it that it was going to be repurposed into a mirror!  

Anyhow, once I de-funked the clock with the power of Windex, I got to work on de-facing her.  Things got a little craaaaaazaaay!  I used some pliers to take off the face of the clock.  I had to tug and pull pretty hard and in the process actually broke a few of the spokes/bursts!  Ooops!

A little super glue to the rescue!  Then I opened up this little box of mirrors that I purchased from Target a while ago for another project.  I think it was $19.99.

I tried out a couple different sizes and decided I liked the smaller one best.

Then I just super glued that reflective beauty right on to the face of what was a clock.  Added a heavy box on top to hold it in place until it dried and voila, a mid-century modern sunburst mirror!

I love love love it!

I love that it cost me a fraction of the price compared to many other sunburst mirrors from home decor retailers.  In addition, this one is very unique.  It was the perfect addition to the hubs office/ man cave. 

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Have a wonderful day!