Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sun Tea? Yes Please!

One thing that is always a delight to make when the warm sun of Spring begins to shine her lovely rays through my windows is sun tea. Is that a southern thing? - Everyone has their method of choice, but I love the simplicity of using ice cold water in a quart mason jar (to use a vintage turquoise one adds to the charm I think...humor me-this is a much a ritual as it is a practicality), and three tea bags. Set in a sunny window, or out on your deck/porch until the desired tea strength is achieved. A tablespoon of agave stirred in while it's still warm, then chilled in the icebox for a few hours, makes for the perfect warm weather refresher! I prefer to use herbal or white teas for sun tea. Black and green teas can take on an acidic bite when steeped too long. I guess I like the flexibility of being able to forget about it for the whole afternoon and still have a delicious brew. :-)

Do you make sun tea? If so, what is your favorite flavor?