Monday, February 28, 2011

A Very Exciting Monday!

Hello dear readers! Exciting things happening around these parts... I'm so glad you've stopped by today for our big announcement. Ready?! Well, I'm gonna make you wait just a leettle bit longer while I give you some background leading up to "these exciting things": As most of you know, I started Living Graciously over a month ago now - mainly with the intention of better organizing the tips, recipes, and projects I had already posted on Windy Poplars (my personal blog). It didn't take long though, until the vision of having a "one stop shop" blog for the woman of many interests (like me), began to take shape in my mind. I ran with fast that I couldn't keep up with myself actually. My vision became larger and larger...The Kitchen was born to catalog healthy, whole food, delicious, simple gourmet recipes; The Style Files were born because, well, I love style and the journey that I'm currently on to discover my own; The Personal Shopper was born to share reviews, giveaways, and great deals with you; and The Gracious Mavens were born to inspire you to daily to become mavens of your home, and to continually nurture the special relationships in your life. Whew, makes me tired just typing about it! So here we are...over a month later, with 100+ readers joining me on this new adventure through Google FC, Feedburner, and Facebook (wow! thanks girls~you make this all worthwhile!). BUT, I have come to the realization that I can't keep this going on my own anymore. I want Living Graciously to be not just a mediocre blog that gets updated every so often, but a place that is always fresh with something new, interesting, and inspirational.

Without any further ado.....THE ANNOUNCEMENT.

It is with great excitement that I welcome aboard three new companions who have kindly agreed to come along for the ride! They are fabulous in every sense of the word. They are inspiring, talented, fun, and they are now the sisters of Living Graciously: Ashley from The Shine Project, Carmel from Our Fifth House, and Lauren from Healthy Food for Living. I truly wish I lived in the same neighborhood as these girls! Carmel would help me decorate my house to magazine-worthy status (fully furnished with Willow House of course!), whenever I was feeling a little discouraged, Ashley would be my motivational speaker :-), and I would think of every possible excuse to get invited over to Lauren's for breakfast, lunch, snacks dinner! - Well, a girl can dream....right?! The good news is, they are now a part of the Living Graciously neighborhood, and you will have the privilege hearing from them on a regular basis.

****To celebrate, I'm holding a GiVeAwAy over at The Personal Shopper. Go get your name entered into the hat, and tell your friends!

Be sure and come back tomorrow to get to know each of the girls a little better when they introduce themselves formally.