Friday, February 11, 2011

Swim Together In The Deep End

How many of you spend your vacations going, going, going, or resting, resting, resting, but when you get home, you feel like you haven't really had any good deep connecting time with your favorite guy? It's so easy for that to happen, isn't it?! I'd challenge you though, to plan a mini vacation/overnight between now and the end of this Valentine month - or it could even be a "staycation" if funds don't allow for an overnight at a local hotel - and really make it a special get away with a purpose. That purpose, or theme, can be whatever you want it to be. Just make it about the two of you and the sweet relationship you share. Of course it's always nice to have some good chillaxing time too, but while you're chilling, why not redeem the time that you might ordinarily spend with your nose buried in a magazine, and making a conscious effort to really connect with the deepest depths of your spouse. *An important note: when your man gets vulnerable with you - ACCEPT  HIM! Be very aware of the tenderness of his heart, thoughts, and trust of you. Sure, men are the "tough" ones, but he wants to be accepted by you just as much as you want to be accepted by him. Be careful to not judge, have a quick answer, or laugh when he shares his heart. Talking with you, especially deeply, should be a very safe thing to do.

You could bring some good discussion questions with you, or pick one subject you'd like to spend some time pondering together while you're having a break from the demands of everyday life. Here are some ideas to get you going:
*What you can do this year to continue to foster a healthy relationship?
*Is there a way you can allocate some time and/or funds to make regular date nights possible (date nights can be free too you know!)
*Is there a vacation you'd like to set a goal to start planning for (maybe for a milestone anniversary coming up)? - What can you do now to make that a reality?
*Do you know your spouses love language? How is their love tank holding up?
*Maybe spend some time reminiscing on the past year and all the fun memories you've made together.
*Work on a list of fun things you'd like to do together in the coming year, and then you'll have a list to draw from when you're not feeling too creative on date night!
*Bring some MP3s of a marriage conference or romance book on tape and listen to and discuss it together.
*What makes him the most wonderful man in the world for you?
*Take time to thank him for specific ways that he's blessed you lately.

Really, the "purpose" of your time can be anything you choose - the point is just to have one, and then enjoy the connection you find while communicating together in the deep end of your relationship. Bonus: when your hearts take the time to truly commune with each other - it's a total turn on :-)!

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