Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's the Little Things Girls!

Ok, I know this is often my motto here on LG, but this week it struck home through a very small happenstance that I thought I'd share with you. I was making something Italian for dinner, and decided to make some herbed butter to go with the meal. Because I like my herbed butter nice and soft, I had it sitting out on the already set table next to a burning candle when my hubby came home. Not purposefully, just happened to be the stage of making dinner that I was in. You can see the kitchen table from the entrance he uses, and later that night he said out of the blue. "Honey, the house looked so cozy and welcoming and warm when I got home today just because you had the bread and butter sitting on the table next to that candle." Wasn't that sweet?! It's amazing what small (and even unconscious) touches can do to make our loved ones feel welcomed when they come home. - Maybe if it's not dinnertime when they are due to arrive, you can have a nice cold glass of milk or some cookies sitting out on the counter. Or if it's a cold day: some hot cocoa, coffee, or tea - fixed just the way they like it. Background music playing (soothing or classical) also helps foster a calm, welcoming environment. - Yesterday, I knew my hubby was coming home after a particularly difficult day of work, so I had his "house clothes" and a fresh towel all laid out in the bathroom near the shower, and a small snack to hold him over until dinner.- Yes, even men and children can appreciate the feeling of being cared for and pampered! Why not think of one little thing you can do today to pamper and bless those that live with you?