Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Lovin' Day!

Hello dear ones! Today for my February Blog Love series, I wanted to introduce you to Ashley from Eisy Morgan. One reason I love her blog so much, is because she covers so many interesting topics - and our interests are very similar (I think maybe we were blog sisters separated at birth or something ;-))! I also very attracted to blogs that aren't  just about one "niche". Here theme is the same as ours here at Living Graciously: multi-facted womanhood. So if you like Living Graciously, chances are you'll like Eisy Morgan too! I hope you enjoy meeting her! Take it away Ashley:

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be guest posting for Kristin and her amazing blog here at "A Guide to Living Graciously".

My name is Ashley and I keep a little blog called EisyMorgan here in blogging land all about inspiring women in all aspects of life. From hair, beauty, style, crafting, to health, weightloss, motherhood, a little of everything. Pretty much whatever inspires me I share with you. Kristin has offered me a special opportunity to have you all get to know me and my blog a little better! A big thank you to her!

You can look forward to many more tips about  


like how to upcycle those old clothes you are meaning to get rid of like this Valentine Heart Mobile Tutorial

like this video on how to tie a scarf in several different ways


I love playing with my hair in different style and I have several videos like this sock bun tutorial, or wedding hair style (pictured above).

You will also find inspiration regarding weight loss (join our Biggest Loser Challenge here), exercise, motherhood, etc here at EisyMorgan.
These are all parts of me and I love that we as women are so multifaceted. I need to be inspired when I get funky about any one of these areas, so my blog is all about passing on what I learn to you. To get your creative juices flowing and to share in each others lives. 

I have been so inspired by all your blogs and am looking forward to getting to know more people!!

I thought that instead of writing all about me I would use pictures to describe me...

I'm me!
I'm Ashley! I am 29, almost 30 and I love all things beautiful. I love to be inspired in all of these aspects as well so I started this creative outlet blog, EisyMorgan!

I'm a wife.
I'm married to my wonderful husband, Daniel, for over 2 years now. He is a wonderful gift. Only God would know what kind of man I really needed. I love him with all of my heart and as serious as I take life, he never lets me take myself too seriously.

I'm a mother.
My baby boy was born January 5th, 2010 and I love him with all of my heart. He is pretty laid back like his daddy and I have the privileged of staying home with him and be his full time mommy. Having a baby is God's way of saying "You thought you were in control of your every day life...HA!"

I'm a sister and a daughter. 
This is my sister-in-law (and niece in her tummy), my mom, sister and I.

My entire family lives in California and I am newly transplanted to Colorado.
My family is one filled with weirdos and we like it like that!

I'm a friend. 
These are a few of my friends (I was the first of several of us who got pregnant around the same time).
I am blessed to say that I have several friends who I would call "heart friends".
Those are the ones that you can be real with and they "get you".
Rare and Beautiful!

I love adventure and traveling.
I've been to a lot of different countries and I love different cultures, people, and foods!

I love trying new things and having fun.


Looking forward to getting to know you if I don't know you already! 
Grab my BUTTON and share the 

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