Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Ritual of Bedtime

I'm not talking about putting your kids to bed, although we all know a bedtime "routine" is helpful in that department too, but I'm talking today about putting yourself to bed!

It seems, especially lately since I've been up every night working on this new blog, that I usually go to bed well after my sweet husband. I'm a night owl and he is not. This usually ends up as me tiptoeing around the bedroom trying to get ready for bed while not waking him up. Sometimes in the dark. Not fun.

Bedtime could be so much more! A peaceful ending to our day. A time of connecting with our spouses after all other distractions (phones, computers, pets, kids (!)) are put away. A time to rejuvenate our souls. Doesn't that sound nice? Why do we usually cannon ball ourselves into the pool of dreamland, instead of drifting peacefully into its warm waters? I think we're missing out on one of the sweetest times of the day here girls!

This week, I am going to try to make our late evenings a time to look forward to. What is it you love about staying at a B&B? Cold water and a chocolate by your bed at night? Warm fuzzy slippers set out for you? Crisp cool sheets? Why not try to incorporate some of those things into your bedroom at home? My game plan looks a little like this:
*By 10:00 have sheets turned down and pjs and slippers laid out on the bed (will probably try and do this after dinner). Place a bedside carafe with cool water on the nightstands.
*By 10:30 or 11, wash face, brush teeth, and change into pjs
*Spend time until around 11:30 connecting-making plans for the following day, giving back or foot rubs, and really seeing where the other person's heart is at.
*Walk the dogs, and drift into dreamland...

What are the late evenings like in your home? What would you like them to be? Did you enjoy your 30 minutes of pampering time yesterday?