Monday, February 7, 2011

Date Your Mate + The Dating Divas!

Happy Monday Girls!
      Back when Living Graciously was just a dream, and Windy Poplars was all there was, I did a small series on "Dating Your Mate". A few of you joined me on the adventure, and I think we all had fun! Well, dating your mate is more than just a little hobby of mine. It's a passion! So here, while we're talking about Valentine's Day and all, I thought I'd revisit the subject.- For the almost 12 years that my husband and I have been married, we have religiously kept a date night every single week. Of course there have been a few exceptions, but I could probably count them on one hand! We just made a decision, and consequent commitment, to dating each other until our dying day, and we guard it with our lives. Our marriage depends on it! It's a time when we're not allowed to talk about work, family, stresses, etc. We just focus as much as possible on each other and our relationship. This weekly base touching has been more helpful (and fun!) than words can describe. Your marriage is worth the investment! I'm convinced that this "secret" alone is a huge player in keeping your marriage fresh, young, and vibrant. Still feel like newlyweds at the 12 yr. mark? You betcha! Oh, and P.S. dates don't have to cost money :-).
     Ok, so  that's my little monologue on dating your mate. To sum it up: DO IT! Now, I'd like to introduce you to a group of girls that I have come to know as my Dating Kindred Spirits and Rescue Squad. They are The Dating Divas, and they will quickly become your new best friends on the dating front. Instead of using my own words though, I'm just gonna let this little interview talk for itself - I promise, it's worth the read!

Hello Divas! Can you tell my readers what your website has to offer them?

We began this lil venture of dating our spouses, just like anyone else..waaay back before we said, "I Do"! Back when dates were the most important element of our life and held a high status over all else. {WINK} Being at the top of our lists, the focus on dating helped us fall MADLY in love with the men we now call our DEAR husbands. Since those dating years some of us have had children, finished school, started careers, and quite simply have embarked on what we know now as, "The Married Life". We all know that marriage can become TOO comfortable {a.k.a. routine} and dating your amazing spouse the way you did when first falling in love is the sure-fire way to keep that SPARK in marriage! We are sharing with you the SECRETS to our success! We hope that you will find ideas that keep your marriage healthy, happy, and full of love!

In a nutshell, each Monday the Divas will offer an awesome date already completely planned for your upcoming weekend! {Aw geez, you're totally welcome!} Throughout the rest of the week we;ll also post quick & easy ideas to serve your spouse, unforgettable family outings and activities with the kids, intimate moment ideas to spice things up in that room, and fun romance crafts to boot! There is definitely something for every couple!

What are some benefits you have seen from making "dating your spouse" a priority in your life?

My husband and I actually get a breather from our busy lives and get to connect, talk, laugh, and actually enjoy each others company. THAT is what it is all about....enjoying the journey with your best friend. A lot of married couples get so caught up with everything they have to do each day...that they tend to forget to focus on the most important person in their life....their spouse! A simple date helps couples to reconnect...and to basically just keep the love alive.

We've definitely grown closer and more understanding of each other because we actually take the time to be together and to communicate. No matter how busy life gets we still take the time to go on a date, no matter how small it may be.

Dating my spouse helps me ENJOY him more and LOVE him more as we bond again and again. It gives us something to look forward to when the days are so long, kids are sick, debt is piling, stress is pressing, and self esteem is failing... Dating him is in many ways also a sanity keeper because it reinforces us as a team.

Top reasons WHY somebody should date their mate (part of a compiled list from all the Divas):

-So you don't cease to be lovers and turn into "roommates"
-to keep the communication AND fun alive in your relationship {it strengthens your relationship}
-Communication! We get to really focus on each other and not feel rushed/stressed by other things going on around us (kids, school, church callings, etc.)
-It lets you stop the busy world and focus on each other, which makes you a stronger team and hence helps keep balance and manage the "busy world" part sooo much better!
-Staying happily married is continually falling in love - dating each other regularly is the best way to fall in love over and over. It's not gonna happen when he's downstairs watching tv and you're upstairs doin' the dishes... A couple that plays together stays together!
-Even when you tell each other "I Love You" every day, nothing shows love like an effort to serve one another or make each other happy. Dating offers a plethora of opportunities, which makes it so priceless.  
-Creates great memories that will get you through the rough patches, that every relationship has.

 -In order for me to feel confident in my marriage I need to have his undivided attention on a regular basis - dating provides that one-on-one time
-It's hard to have that lovin' feelin' when your entire focus is on everything other than your spouse. Dating each other provides the backdrop for romance and intimacy.
-Dating your spouse helps you get back to where it all started and where it will all end, with the two of you!
-When you continue to date your spouse you help strengthen your bond by trying new things and having new experiences together.

-Simply put - Dating your spouse is fun! You get to plan and do something out of the ordinary and spend time with your favorite person in the world!
- For yourself: Not only is dating your spouse good for your marriage, it is good for you as individuals. You get the undivided attention of your spouse if only for just one evening out. It is absolutely crucial that you get that time. It boosts your self-esteem, it makes you feeled cared about, and especially loved. It helps you remember why you married him in the first place!

So there you have it. How many more reasons do you need to make dating your mate a priority? Go become a follower of the Dating Divas by subscribing to their newsletter, and you'll never be at a loss for creative ideas again! 

Thanks a million for joining us today Divas! I am so thankful for your commitment to strengthening marriages one date at a time!