Monday, June 6, 2011

Upcycling Your Watermelon

Sorry for the delayed post this morning! Blogger was giving me some fits last night...which confirmed my recent decision all the more: I'm moving! I've enjoyed blogger for several years, but it seems things are becoming more and more unstable around here - PLUS with my very own brand-spankin-new *WEBSITE* I'll be able to sell my Vintage Garden goods at the same place! Can I get a "woohoo"?! I'm not moving just yet-these things take time, but I'll keep you all abreast of the situation - and if things seem a little wonky around here from time to time, you'll know why...


Onto upcycling your watermelon! ----- You know how when you melon ball out the inside shell to use the meat for a salad, you're left with something like this:
Lots of watermelon juice
Which you then promptly empty down the drain, and throw away the shell? Well, allow me to suggest an alternative!
Pouring it through a sieve (to catch the seeds) and you're left with this gorgeous pink liquid. That's about a cup and a half and from only HALF of a watermelon!
Now you can use it in a punch, a mixer, pour it into your ice cube trays and make flavored ice for your lemonade or iced tea, or my favorite idea:

Watermelon ice pops! Refreshing, delicious, COLD, and all natural! Now, that's what I call upcycling!