Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gardening 101 Part 1

Hello Friends! Last year, I wrote a few posts on gardening, and since we're back into gardening season (well, most of us are), I thought I'd re-air them for all you new gardening or wanna-be gardening readers! I hope you find some of the information helpful...

Hi everyone! Paperwork probably seems a funny place to start, huh? Well, I just wanted to share some of the things I do to stay organized before I even head out to play in the dirt. - One thing I've done from the very beginning, is keep a "Gardening Journal" of some sort every year.

Here is one where I just had a small notebook and wrote entries maybe weekly on what was blooming, when I had planted things, where I had planted things, what plants were thriving, which might need to be transplanted, when I fertilized, when I sprayed for pests, when my vegetable started picking, etc..  Through these you can see a very visible bloom patten develop, and if you're trying to have something blooming at all times of the season, you'll know what bloom time-frame you'll need to look for when you go to the nursery to fill in the gaps. - Other years I've just done calenders like so:
These are super easy - just print a blank calender out on your computer, and each day there is something to record, do so! Lots less writing, and easier to find what you're looking for. - I also try to keep diagrams of how things were planted. Below is an example of one of our vegetable garden beds. This is helpful for crop rotation purposes, and also to keep track of good planting patterns for future reference (good when you garden in very small spaces like we do).
It's also good to chart your bulb planting so you can keep track of what doesn't come up, and then get replacements which brings me to my last point for today: