Monday, May 16, 2011

Mail Call

Dear Readers,
     So, there have been a few changes around here. Gettin' all snazzied up for summer and everything. Whacha think? I hope you like it, and that all the lemons don't make you sick. Oh, and you know me, I like change, so there are probably 10 more design editions to come before I'm completely satisfied. - One more thing: thanks for being wonderful!
Dear Makers of Salad Dressing Everywhere:
     Would you be so kind as to consider making a universal pact to only offer squeezy bottles for your product? I am way beyond over the whole: accidentally flooding your salad with a half-gallon of dressing bit. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your consideration,
                        Soggy Greens

Dear Toms,
     Well, you've gone and made me a believer! After not buying into the hype for a very long time, and thinking all the raving was "all in their heads", I have now joined the ranks of satisfied, card carrying, don't-want-to-ever-wear-anything else members of your cult  club following!
                         You may call me,
P.S. Thanks too for your awesome One-for-One campaign. It inspires and challenges me!

Dear Self,
     Did you just use the word AWESOME????
                                        I don't think I know you anymore

                     Dear Spring,
     I've really been enjoying basking in your beautiful days, rain showers, and chilly nights. Perfection. Sit and stay awhile, won't you?
                                                                                                                 Lovin' the Fresh Air

Dear Poison Ivy,
     I have never had you in my entire life. My entire life! Why did you decide to come visit me now? Please go away quickly, and don't slam the door behind you. I do appreciate your not itching too terribly much, and whatever you do, don't even think of spreading.

Dear Weekend,
     Thanks for being so fun. We needed that. We enjoyed sleeping late, we enjoyed the Dutchess of Bedford, we enjoyed seeing both my sisters (and b-i-l), we enjoyed the J.Crew sample sale, we enjoyed the Popeye sandwich, we enjoyed coming home to dogs that hadn't peed in their crates, we enjoyed a late night Wii tourney, we enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing Sunday afternoon. Pretty much rocked.
                                         Your biggest fan
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