Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've Got Gadgets and Gismos a Plenty...

Ten points if you name that movie!

Today I thought I'd share with you the newest addition to my kitchen gadget collection. One that I don't know how I have lived without! May I introduce you to my Cuisinart Immersion Blender:
If you love to make smoothies and soups, this is a Godsend! The soup pictured above (my Hearty Tomato Bisque) used to require cooling the soup, transferring to a blender in small batches, then reheating. Now, I just use my little immersion blender to blend it to a smooth creamy consistency right in the pot with no transfer or cooling/reheating time (which was probably about 20 minutes on the conservative side), plus it saves 3 or 4 extra dishes from being dirtied! Can I say this is my new best friend?! You can also make smoothies right in your glass with this little baby. Easy as a wink. - So if you've never considered an immersion blender before - perhaps you should!