Monday, May 2, 2011

A Few Mother's Day Gift ideas...

So here you are: one week before Mother's Day, and you still haven't found THE perfect gift for mom! 

Well, by all means, allow me to offer some suggestions! Each of the items below can be purchased at: Kristin's Vintage Garden (for less than $10 to boot)!

A feminine journal and list pad set (with matching pen). Journal will be personalized with your mom's initial (you know mom loves the personal touch)! I have quite a few designs available...even beyond the ones that are listed, so if you go to the shop and they're sold out, feel free to let me know you're interested!

Everybody could use some all-purpose greeting cards! Here are some darling handmade spring-y ones she'll love:

A safe bet  may be one of the lovely Blooms - some of which have both a pin and a clip backing. Perfect for wearing as a brooch, clipped onto her handbag, or  pinned to her scarf.

OR, perhaps your mom is the type who would love a little punch of whimsy to brighten up her spring/summer wardrobe? The Chrysanthemum Earrings are available in several colors.

Now here's the best part! Order today until midnight using the promo code: MOTHER, and you'll get FREE S&H on your order!

If you've already found your Mother's Day gifts, what did you find? We love hearing good ideas!