Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do You Have a Stinky Sink?

Today is our very last February Blog Love post. I hope you have enjoyed meeting some new bloggers over the month! Our guest poster is Melissa (MeLi) from Domestiquette. She is a home blogger, and shares all kinds of wonderful updates about the new (old) house she and her fiance are fixing up to start a new life together in. I really love her style. We are kindred spirits in the home taste department for sure! I know you all will enjoy her too! Here she is sharing a very practical post with us about how to keep our garbage disposals in tip top shape. Take it away:

I started to clean my kitchen..lalala, cleaning...then after it was all clean, I still smelled something funny...what was it? The Garbage Disposal!...

I'm sure many of you have stuck your hand in there to pick out any number of little things that have managed to get through..and if you've noticed, it is slimmy and yucky down the ewwww smell is bound to happen....but sometimes it hits you out of nowhere, and soap doesn't get rid of it....what do you do?!?!? time you're making lemonade, or orange juice, don't throw those used up halves away!, they are all you need to clean your garbage disposal!...

Tips for Disinfecting/Cleaning a Stinky Garbage Disposal

  1. Grab a lemon/lime/Orange half
  2. Remove seeds & brand stickers
  3. Stick in your garbage disposal, turn it on, and run with some hot water for a minute or two
  4. (if you have some handy, also add a spoonful of baking soda, it disinfects! not the citrus still works fab on its own!)
  5. Turn off disposal, and carefully remove the crushed halves

And since we're caring for our garbage disposal, why not sharpen the blades? takes a minute and makes a huge difference!...ok, here we go!:

Tips for sharpening the blades of your Garbage Disposal

  1. Grab a handful of ice cubes
  2. Stick them in your disposal, turn it on, and run with some cold water for a minute or two
  3. Turn off disposal...and that's it!

Yay!!!, now your kitchen is sparkly glowwy, and smells grrrrrrrrreeat!

 Here are some common food items that shouldn't go down your disposal....

  • Cooked Rice...(clogs up pipes!)
  • Potato peels ...(again, pipe clogger!)
  • Onion skins... (sticks to blades, preventing anything to be crushed properly)
  • Banana skins ...(causes the blades to slick up and also clogs up the pipes)
  • Bones.. (can break your garbage disposal)
  • Stringy veggies aka: asparagus, celery, artichokes etc...(the strings on the veggie don't get ground up, and they stay there, rotting and stinking up your kitchen)
  • Seafood shells....(don't crush properly and just stay and stink up the kitchen horribly!)
  • Cooking Oil...(it slowly creates a buildup in your pipes, and they'll get clogged easily!..costly and bad for the water and environment!--Dispose of it in empty sauce jars, or such...keep them under your sink so there's no excuse next time)
I hope this post was helpful!, many of us forget or neglect our disposal and totally abuse it..yeah, it's just a plumbing kitchen gadget, BUT, clogged pipes require costly plumbing repair, and that totally STINKS!