Monday, January 24, 2011

A Fabric Shaver???

Hello Dears!
     The other day I was pottering around (or do only cute little old ladies "potter"?) getting some miscellaneous chores done around the house, and while using one of my very favorite inventions ever, I thought: "I wonder if my bloggy friends know about this nifty little tool"? So, for those of you who have never met, allow me to introduce you to:
Do you have one? It's purpose is to make your sweaters, wool gloves, tights, whatever you have that gets little pillballs on it, look brand new again by "shaving" them off. Works like a charm! Mine is super old - I think my grandma gave mine to me actually, but I simply couldn't live without it! I actually call it my "Fuzz Baller" (didn't know it was called a shaver until I looked it up to share with you guys). Here is the hubs sweater that I was working on - kinda hard to photograph fuzzballs, but hope you get the idea:

 Like new, right? Maybe you can see it better if you click on the pictures! So to re-cap: all gracious mavens should have one of these bad boys in their clothes keeping arsenal. It will keep you wearing your sweaters for years to come!