Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gift Wrapping Ideas

We've been busy Christmassing over here this week. A couple nights ago hubby and I tackled the gift wrapping, and I thought I'd let you in on my little gift wrapping secret... - Every year people oohhh and ahhh over my gifts under the tree. I can honestly say this without a hint of bragging b/c I'm about to show just HOW (tongue firmly in cheek) good of a gift wrapper I really am (not) ;-). BUT, because I love you, I'm letting you in on some of my gift wrapping secrets so people can oohhh and ahhh over YOUR gifts too! Now I know that some of you are naturally gifted (no pun intended) in this area, but for those of you whom, like me, are not, here's how to "fake it 'til you make it" girls:

First grab your supplies:
White Tissue Paper
Glitter of some sort (in the form of a tag, ribbon, flowers, whatever)
Wrapping Buddy
Crackling Fire
Christmas Music (or movie)
 Now for 10 years, all I've been wrapping my Christmas gifts in is white tissue paper (with the occasional gold if I can find it). And I am the world's WORST gift wrapper. Seriously. No false modesty here girls. Here is "Exhibit A":
 Ugh! Yup, it's really that bad. None of my ends ever match, there are pooches, folds, and bubbles in all the wrong places. Just painful to look at. SO, to compensate for my lack of wrapping ability, every year after Christmas, I go to the craft stores and buy up all their beautiful wired ribbon in gold or burgundy (to match my tree skirt) at 75% or 90% off. Some years I make my own tags (with glitter), but this year I got a bunch of glittery snowflakes to tie on as "tags". I think they were .25 for 4 at Target (postXmas'09)! I then do my very best to cover up my wrap job with the lovely glittery ribbon-it distracts the eye you know:
 So, if you haven't gotten what "my secret" is's GLITTER!!!! Nothing looks more spectacular under Christmas tree lights than dazzling presents. I think the simplicity of the tissue paper also helps offset it (plus it's dirt cheap-I get mine at the $store), and the fact that all the ribbons subtly coordinate is restful to the eye.
 So that's all I've got for today folks. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to say hello if you did (just so I don't get lonely or creeped out by stalkers). See ya on the morrow...
Here's to a sparkly Christmas!